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Dceased: Dead Planet

Dceased: Dead Planet

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Tactfully exploring these familiar characters as older and mature heroes, he brilliantly captures their personalities and motives without sacrificing those for meaningless action. Once inside, Constantine finds what he's looking for, the Spear of Destiny, which he then uses to injure the goddess Rama Kushna and then Ragman's cloak to absorb Deadman's soul before leaving. years have gone by and the head of Cyborg, still detached from his body thanks to Wonder Woman, begins sending out a distress signal to Earth 2, the haven for the survivors of the apocalypse.

Having formed a new Justice League with the remaining heroes, including Damian Wayne (Batman), Jon Kent (Superman), and Cassie Sandsmark (Wonder Woman), they now remain at bay from the anti-life disaster and go on keeping the peace in the galactic world, keeping their minds busy, not thinking about all that they’ve lost. Arsenal is then killed by an infected Fire, followed by the arrival of Constantine, Zatanna, Red Hood, Ragman, Blue Devil, Detective Chimp and Ravager. There are lots of satisfying Easter eggs and plenty of Alan Moore references to please a longtime DC fanboy like me though. It continues with sorcerer John Constantine, getting drunk at the Oblivion Bar, however it's interrupted by Zatanna Zatara, who uses a portal to enter the bar. As negotiations go well for the inhabitants of Earth 2, Damian is contacted by Alfred, who tells him that the briefcase he was given is beeping in Morse code.

Jon knew that there were billions infected and a cure existed, which made him more determined than ever to find it. I did think the ending was kinda predictable, however the twists and turns that Taylor throws into the series are wonderful, and I still had a lot of shocked moments while reading.

With the Amazos now on the loose on one side and the cure ready on the other, they seek a willing test subject and it's then decided that Barda would be the first.

If there’s a chance, even if it would require incredible sacrifices, would it justify the risk to explore the possibility? Horrified at the revelation that the pandemic was entirely curable and that all the deaths and sacrifices were ultimately unnecessary, Cyborg carelessly lets go of the Lasso of Truth to try and message the fleeing arks. During Wonder Woman's funeral, Ares arrives and warns the heroes that the Anti-Living will destroy the universe. Lured back to Earth by Cyborg’s intergalactic distress signal, the surviving heroes prepare to save the world - but standing in their way is an Amazo army for the 1% and Trigon, who’s emerging from the fiery pits to wipe out the remains of humanity and start life all over again. Using the lasso, they are able to get Cyborg to speak, but their reunion with the hero is short lived as a horde of anti-living were 10 minutes from their current location, resulting in the League grabbing Cyborg's body, head and escaping, however as they flee, the ship that many other leaguers arrive on is hit by something, causing not only damage to the vessel, but also destroying major sections of the ship, with Jon able to save the part where his comrades were located.

DCeased: Dead Planet collects issues 1-7 of the series written by Tom Taylor with art by Trevor Hairsine.Phantom Stranger and Zatanna go to Paris to aid Constantine against Trigon, while Superman and Batman ventured to the bunker, where they witnessed the carnage of the Amazos first strike. Inside, he meets with Etrigan, who explains that Trigon will be there soon and Swamp Thing was there to listen. His character designs are still fantastic, giving us an older cast that embraces their respective roles with charisma and leadership. Cyborg informs everyone they must leave, elaborating further that the Anti-Living are extensions of the Anti-Life Equation that can sense life and want to destroy it. Wish there was more for Lois Lane to do, and perhaps that'll follow in the next volume given certain developments here.

Before he can act on it however, a now-freed infected Wonder Woman takes the opportunity to attack him, tearing his head off and tossing him into a ravine.The remaining characters finally relax, but not before erecting a statue of the fallen villains, as a memorial for their sacrifice. That's when they learn that Jon's father is still within the sun, absorbing solar energy, even after 5 long years. Zatanna and the Phantom Stranger confront Constantine on his actions but, following another message from Etrigan, Constantine tells everyone that the villains are about to unleash their Amazo army to destroy the Anti-Living. He is woken by Mister Terrific and his group who seek Constantine's help in finding a magical solution to the infection. Meanwhile, Swamp Thing appears and convinces Shadowpact to travel with him to Australia after he reveals a disturbance in the Green and tells them there is a bunker of human survivors holed up there.

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