parking charge notice

Parking Charge Notice Wallets

We have developed and improved our Parking Charge Notice Wallets (PCN’s) over many years and as a result they have been carefully designed to be the ideal application for parking and penalty notices. They are designed with an adhesive strip on the reverse of the bag which can be easily fixed to the windscreen but can be removed without leaving any sticky residue! Waterproof and durable, they are available in 3 different designs.

Available from stock in 3 different notices:
‘Parking Charge Notice’
‘Parking Infringement Notice’
‘Penalty Charge Notice’ – Can only be used in a public car park

All of our parking charge notice wallets have the following key properties:

Film – Manufactured from 35 micron transparent polytheneparking charge notice

Size – 100mm x 100mm + 40mm peel and seal flap

No Residue – Our PCN’s are designed with a soft glue adhesive strip on the reverse which can be applied to windscreens and removed without leaving a large amount of residue.

Strong & Durable – Our polythene is strong stuff, it can be stretched without ripping or tearing easily.

Weatherproof & Waterproof – Essential protection from all the environmental elements.

Environmental – In line with our environmental policy, all of our PCN’s can be 100% recycled.

If there is a specific size and design you require, then contact us today as we are able to manufacture to any size and specification.