At Sefton Transmail, we implement a strict environmental policy which ensures that we exercise proper control over our activities to discourage environmentally damaging and wasteful practices. As a minimum, Sefton Transmail complies with all requirements of legislation and is always striving to achieve ever improved standards.

What have we done to help reduce our impact on the environment?
  • Recycling PolytheneWe sort, bale and recycle all of our polythene process waste. This is then recycled into a usable form to be used again in various applications, this can be done whether the product has been printed or remains clear. If any customers wish to return their waste polythene or polypropylene products to us, we will be happy to recycle it on their behalf. In addition, we recycle all office paper and office cardboard, reel cores and printer cartridges.
  • The company also attempts to ensure that all our key purchasing decisions are based on the optimal environmental outcome. To support this, we have purchased a variable drive compressor that reduces our energy use by approximately 30%.
  • Sefton Transmail also takes part in the Ride 2 Work scheme. This involves beneficial rates for the purchase of cycles for employees who wish to commute by bike to lower traffic congestion and pollution.
  • Our Norwich site features a state-of-the-art extraction system which removes particulates before emitting clear air into the atmosphere.
  • In 2013 at our Higham Ferrers site we installed a new polythene extruder to replace out-dated machinery. The new extruder uses only half the amount of power of the old extruder, whilst producing twice the amount of polythene.
  • Any waste ink is mixed and reused for environmentally friendly products such as our made again® range of polybags.
  • We encourage our customers to return their polythene waste to us so that we can ensure that it is recycled rather than put into landfill.

made again, grey mailing bags, recycled polytheneAll of our polythene products are recyclable. We also offer our customers products in oxo-degradable and recycled materials to further improve our overall environmental performance and offer environmentally sound products to our customers. For more information about these products, please see the products page.

Oil-based packaging – the issues

A great deal of publicity surrounds the use of plastic bags at present. It is clear that we should use all the world’s resources carefully and with as little waste as possible. Polythene envelopes, however, allow a greater weight of insert to be housed in a water-proof and secure way. The weight of paper required to meet similar strength criteria is very much higher which causes additional costs and waste in the distribution chain.

In addition, on a like-for-like weight basis, paper uses 100% more power to manufacture. So, for a lightweight, recyclable and attractive product, choose polythene!