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Custom Polythene Bags Minimum Quantities Explained

One of the things we find here at Sefton Transmail is that people get frustrated by minimum order quantities on custom polythene bags, so we thought we would try and shed some light on the subject.

Firstly, we don’t like minimum order quantities on custom polythene bags either but sometimes they’re necessary. We thought we’d speak to our expert sales and production teams to find out more about the reasoning behind it.

The biggest issue is the cost of low quantities. We have to factor in operators, set up, waste, film, and ink (if printed) – all of which increase the cost as the quantities get lower. But don’t fret – if the high cost of low quantity custom mailing bags is your problem, then we can help. We’ve created the divinely different range® especially for people that want to make an impact without the additional cost of custom print. It’s a range of pre-printed stock polybags, available in 4 designs in the 3 most popular sizes. For more information and images of the designs we currently have, check out the divinely different® range.

However, this range isn’t for everyone. You may need a special size or you need to have your company logo, or you may even require a plain or clear bag.  For these occasions our minimum order quantity for a bespoke / custom polybag is 1,000. The main reason for this is machine set up. Although we strive to be as flexible as possible for our customers, we manufacture in-house and if we were to set up and run a quantity as low as 250 polybags this would produce about 400% waste. This is not cost effective, so you may as well get your money’s worth and get the thousand.

Unfortunately, there are other factors that can make the minimum order quantity higher. One culprit is whether we have the polythene reel film in stock to make your sized mailing bag. We aim to hold a wide range of polythene reel film in stock but these reels are enormous. Furthermore, as the name custom polythene bags suggests, it could be any size so we can’t always cater for everyone with stock film. With so many options available it’s hard to stock all types of film. You could want clear bags, recycled bags, oxo-degradable bags, grey bags or even a special coloured film bag. Holding enough types of polythene reel film to handle all those different requirements simply isn’t possible for us.

That is one of the great things about having a sister company like Shirlplass! They specialise in polythene reel film, and being our sister company they also share our dislike for minimum order quantity restraints and do everything they can to help us help you. We can order quantities as low as 100kg of any sized film from Shirlplass, meaning we can lower the minimum order quantity quite a considerable amount.

We hope you have found this article helpful. If you have any other questions visit our product page regarding custom mailing bags to see all the options available. Alternatively you can get in contact through the enquiry from on the contact us page and one of our expert sales team will answer any queries.